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Posted in Business, Fashion, property, Top Dollar News by Jim McMillan on July 31, 2008

Billionaire property tycoon Donald Trump can boast some impressive constructions but the most talked about one sits on top of his noggin. For years The Donald has dodged impertinent questions but finally he has spoken out about the follicle fashion accessory the New York Times once described as “an elaborate structure best left to an architecture critic”.

Challenged by a Sunday Telegraph journalist, Trump gave his coiffured comb-over a good hard tug to prove it wasn’t actually a wig. “People always comment on it, but it’s not that bad and it’s mine,” Trump said defiantly. “I had an article somewhere saying it was a hairpiece, but you can see it isn’t. I mean, I get killed on it. ”

We thought it was a squirrel that had actually been killed.

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