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Passengers get free rail tickets for seven years

Posted in Crime, How much???, Lawyers, News, Weird World by Jim McMillan on August 16, 2008

If you discovered a glitch in the system which let you get free train tickets on your debit card, would you own up to it? Three commuters have been arrested and charged with knowingly exploiting the problem to buy $800,000 worth of Long Island Rail Road tickets and MetroCards, many of which they resold, according to the police and prosecutors.

Not everyone who benefited from the software glitch, did so knowingly. Since 2001, hundreds of rail riders have been rewarded from a computer gremlin which allowed vending machines on the Long Island Rail Road and Metro-North Railroad to dispense free tickets on some debit card transactions.

The problem was first spotted in May, reveals the New York Times, and led to the uncovering of a series of suspicious transactions tied to a pair of debit cards issued by First Republic Bank. New Yorker Lisa Foster Jordan, 38, was arrested on May 28 and charged with fraudulently obtaining thousands of tickets and MetroCards worth about $800,000.

Last week, the police arrested two more people in connection with the scheme, Foster Jordan’s husband, Cary Grant (yes really!) and Chris Clemente from Manhattan. Lawyers representing the trio say they will be pleading not guilty.

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Posted in Advertising, Fashion, Lawyers, Top Dollar News by Jim McMillan on August 6, 2008

If you’ve wandered around Manhattan lately, you can’t fail to have noticed these sexy posters for Cabana Cachaça, a brand of Brazilian rum which no one had heard of until now. If you’ve driven a car round Manhattan, you may have crashed it, while gawking. In an aggressive marketing campaign, Cabana gets round the puritanical US censorship rules by expertly cropping out the young lady’s nipples.

But those of you who are a little more daring can click through to Cabana’s website and see her in all her glory. Be warned, you have to be 21 – because, as the website tells us, that’s the legal drinking age…

That’s Narnia business, say CS Lewis lawyers

Posted in How much???, Lawyers, Pot&Kettle, Twits by Jim McMillan on July 25, 2008

Big shot lawyers working for the estate of the late writer CS Lewis have successfully prevented an 11-year-old boy from having a “Narnia” web address. According to the BBC, Comrie Saville Smith wanted the ‘‘ domain name for £70 so he could send emails to his pals but the hardnosed attorneys for legendary children’s book author Lewis put a stop to that and won a ruling at with the UN’s World International Property Organisation.

At least that’s the sob story Cromie’s dad Richard is telling. We tend to doubt that, particularly in the light of new information that Richard also registered a bunch of other domain names like “” Presumably, those were all for little Comrie too… We think the headline used by the cynics at is more accurate: “C.S. Lewis Beats off .Mobi Cybersquatter.”

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