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Real Mad Men are sad men

Posted in Advertising, Business, Fashion, News, TV by Jim McMillan on August 11, 2008

The super-cool and sharp-suited executives portrayed in the critically-acclaimed television drama Mad Men are nothing like their twenty first century counterparts, you won’t be surprised to learn. In the AMC drama, the male chauvinists of Madison Avenue work hard and play hard and enjoy three-martini mid-morning lunches while they’re at it.

These days though, most of the execs have left Madison and the ones still there have yoga mats rolled up under their desks. And forget about those smart grey flannel suits. As the boss of Drogba5 tells the New York Times, “Agency people dress like well-paid teenagers.”

And at Madison Avenue’s Young & Rubicam, digital art director Andrew Stevens, adds: “I only wear a tie because I don’t have to.”

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Posted in Batman, Fashion, movies, Top Dollar News, Twits by Jim McMillan on August 7, 2008

You may have to be a macho masked vigilante to get away with wearing pantyhose. But men all over the world are giving it a try anyway. Since the release of The Dark Knight, there has been a sudden craze for male hosiery, with suspected Batman fetishists buying up sheer, satin and glossy tights.

“We aren’t sure if it is the Batman effect or what, but sales to men have been going through the roof,” Kieran Hughes, director of Precious Collections tells the Atlanta Constitution Journal. Has the world gone mad? Not according to Deborah Ashley, managing director of, who says: “Men have begun to dominate the hosiery market once owned by women.” The company carries 13 styles designed specifically for men.


Posted in Advertising, Fashion, Lawyers, Top Dollar News by Jim McMillan on August 6, 2008

If you’ve wandered around Manhattan lately, you can’t fail to have noticed these sexy posters for Cabana Cachaça, a brand of Brazilian rum which no one had heard of until now. If you’ve driven a car round Manhattan, you may have crashed it, while gawking. In an aggressive marketing campaign, Cabana gets round the puritanical US censorship rules by expertly cropping out the young lady’s nipples.

But those of you who are a little more daring can click through to Cabana’s website and see her in all her glory. Be warned, you have to be 21 – because, as the website tells us, that’s the legal drinking age…


Posted in Fashion, Gotham, How much???, Top Dollar News by Jim McMillan on August 5, 2008

The catwalk hopefuls on reality TV show “Project Runway” have been living the high life at The Gotham Organization‘s Atlas New York building. For the fourth season running producers have holed all the contestants up in the impressive 66 W. 38th St. rental building.

According to curio-blog Gotham News, The Gotham Organization fixed the 15-minutes-of-famers up with six units, a combination of one- and two-bedrooms that range in square-foot size from 650 to 1,117. The units were on the 25th floor in a building where starting rents are $3,500 for a one-bedroom and $5,500 for a two-bedroom.

As the News unkindly says, “That’s high enough up for the losers to make a fashionable mess when they throw themselves out of the window.”


Posted in Business, Fashion, property, Top Dollar News by Jim McMillan on July 31, 2008

Billionaire property tycoon Donald Trump can boast some impressive constructions but the most talked about one sits on top of his noggin. For years The Donald has dodged impertinent questions but finally he has spoken out about the follicle fashion accessory the New York Times once described as “an elaborate structure best left to an architecture critic”.

Challenged by a Sunday Telegraph journalist, Trump gave his coiffured comb-over a good hard tug to prove it wasn’t actually a wig. “People always comment on it, but it’s not that bad and it’s mine,” Trump said defiantly. “I had an article somewhere saying it was a hairpiece, but you can see it isn’t. I mean, I get killed on it. ”

We thought it was a squirrel that had actually been killed.

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