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The so-called Monster of Montauk may have just been a publicity stunt dreamed up by the makers of a low budget horror movie. New claims have come to light that Rachel Goldberg, the woman who discovered the famed beastie, is actually the sister of none other than movie producer Darren Goldberg (pictured above), who is making a movie about, you guessed it, …monsters.

Internet curio-blog Gotham News has just revealed the creature was most likely a prop used in Goldberg’s film Splinterheads. One insider, calling herself “Tonya,” explained the stunt will be revealed when the flick comes out next year. “Tonya” says the original pictures of the Montauk Monster were a stage prop from the Splinterheads movie set.

Says the intrepid Gotham News team: “We guess it will probably all make a little more sense when you see the film. Maybe we should just be relieved that horrible thing wasn’t actually real!”

Meanwhile, what of Mr Goldberg, who has surprisingly been unavailable for comment? In an interview he gave to Newsday recently, Goldberg is quoted saying how he “grew up in Manhattan and spent summers in Amagansett.” (Amagansett is the next town over from Montauk.) But you can read all about his movie here.



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TV Guide's top earners
He hasn’t been in a decent movie since Platoon but Charlie Sheen doesn’t care. A new poll by TV Guide shows he’s coining it in, thanks to his role on lacklustre sitcom, Two and a Half Men. Apparently, Sheen gets $825,000 for each weekly episode.

That’s more than enough to keep money-grabbing ex Denise Richards in the style she is accustomed to. She might now want to get her hooks into Sheen’s fellow CBS star William Petersen, who takes home $600,000 an episode for portraying investigator Gil Grissom on the hit police drama “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.”

Meanwhile, despite all her complaining about the mean script writers, Katherine Heigl is the best paid female TV actress, raking in $13 mil for her role on Grey’s Anatomy. It’s unlikely she will complain about that.


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Working as a publicist for $50 million girl Heather Mills must be a challenging job. But Michele Elyzabeth apparently finds it a little too challenging and has handed in her notice after four long years. The last straw, she says, was when Paul McCartney‘s ex-wife called her “stupid.”

“I refuse to be subjected to her outbursts,” bleated Elyzabeth to US tabloid TV show, Extra. “On reflection and given the way I have been treated, I now have sympathy with much of what the British press has reported about her. Yesterday, we engaged in a heated argument during which she called me “stupid.” I reminded her that she was not “God” and she answered, “I will never ever talk to you again.”

While we admire Michele’s principled stand, you can’t help wondering how she would have carried out her job successfully in the future if Heather was never going to talk to her again.

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Fancy meeting you here – what a Small World!

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News reaches us of a grotesque upscale celebutard gathering in St Tropez. Shamed Clinton pal Denise Rich has dropped anchor in St. Trop and invited a filthy rich crew to an expensive bash onboard her yacht, Lady Joy. Inevitably, it’s co-hosted by Erik Wachtmeister, who runs the irksome A Small World website, the much-hyped “Myspace for Millionaires” social networking site.

Guests at Thursday’s party will include Joan Collins, Buzz Aldrin, Wilbur Ross, Natalie Cole, Paris Hilton and Ivana Trump. But let’s face it, Paris and Ivana would go to the opening of an envelope.

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‘Guess’ who’s a role model for chic fashion line?

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You wouldn’t think Amy Winehouse could be a poster girl for anything – apart from heroin and hideous tattoos. But Guess? reckon their model Nicole Trunfio, the new face of the fashion line, owes her super cool image to the druggie singer. A rep for the model tells Page Six, “Nicole mimics the singer’s iconic thick black eyeliner and infamous beehive, adding a little rock and roll to their pinup image.”

While sexy Nicole, 22, is also busy fronting the new BCBG Max Azria campaign, shot by Patrick Demarchelier, Winehouse is probably busy throwing up on a London pavement at 3am in the morning.

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