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Montauk Monster goes up for sale on eBay …well, sort of

Posted in News by Jim McMillan on August 14, 2008

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water …the Montauk Monster has reappeared. Well, sort of. The people who spiced up the summer with the beastie mysteryare now apparently trying to cash in by selling their websites on eBay. As curio-blog Gotham News revealed last week, the whole story was just a silly marketing trick to promote interest in next year’s B-movie comedy Spinterheads, produced by Darren Goldberg.

Now it seems the New York-based Splinterheads team has put their three websites up for sale. So far though, they haven’t had much luck with bids ‘shooting up’ from 99 cents yesterday to $1.04 today.

That won’t change any time soon, although Gotham News says kindly: “As we feel a bit bad for them, we might dig into the Gotham News purse and get it up to $2. Or maybe not.”

Part of the problem, monster fans say, is that the Splinterheads movie appears to have nothing to do with monsters – it’s about carnies instead.

Nicky Papers, who started up her own website to investigate the mystery, was unimpressed with the development. As she correctly says, “What good is seeing a movie about a bunch of carnies if the Montauk Monster isn’t involved?”


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