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Posted in How much???, Science, Top Dollar News by Jim McMillan on August 3, 2008

IS it an elephant, is it a plane? It’s a plane, of course – but not just any plane. It’s the world’s biggest commercial jet, which landed save and well at Kennedy airport at the weekend. Though it’s as wide as a football field, the double-decker Emirates A380 made a smooth landing at Kennedy Airport Friday following a 14 hour maiden journey from Dubai. The $320 million “superjumbo jet” – which can carry nearly 500 passengers – measures 79 feet, 7 inches high and has a wingspan of 261 feet, 8 inches. It even boasts bathrooms with showers, private first-class suites and an onboard lounge with a bartender.

Passengers, lucky enough to be able to afford to fly on the super jumbo, gave it a big thumbs up. “When we got off the flight, I didn’t feel like we had been on a 13-1/2-hour flight,” raved Freeda Moraes, who flew with her husband, Harry. “We were quite fresh, not tired. It was quite a wonderful experience.”

Meanwhile, it isn’t only the passengers who had to fork out a lot of money for the privilege. New York’s Port Authority invested about $179 million to upgrade the taxiway and bridges just to accommodate the flying beast.

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