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Roo cannot be serious – millionaire in kanga cruelty claim

Posted in Top Dollar News, Twits by Jim McMillan on July 25, 2008

Aussie tycoon Lloyd Williams could be facing jail time after his stick-wielding staff chased 20 kangaroos off his Victoria horse stud farm. Dozens of men on quad bikes tried to herd the ‘roos off Williams’ property and now, says the Victoria Herald Sun, the multi-millionaire and his goons will be investigated for breaches under both the Wildlife and Cruelty to Animals Acts.

Reports the Herald Sun, “Panicked animals crashed into fences and got caught on wiring, many tripping over as they fled in all directions. Six large roos driven through an open gate and on to a road took off up a crest – potentially into the path of traffic.” The ‘roo eviction followed an undertaking to the Victorian Department of Sustainability and Environment heads that no action would be taken before a meeting with the department next Monday.

Incensed wildlife volunteers who tried to help the animals described the eviction as “ignorant, reckless, irresponsible, illegal and futile.” Williams’ son Nick, who manages the property, was present at the kangaroo drive but declined to comment. Even though it looks like his dad could be kangaroo meat when the investigation concludes.

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